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Half suit - A-309

Half suit 1570

Composed half harness using pieces of German manufacture from the third quarter of the 16th c. Comprising an acorn-topped burgonet, a gorget with integral shoulder plates, breastplate with gussets at the arms and three lame fauld, and elbow gauntlets. All in black and white form with rough from the hammer ground and raised decorative lines and borders where the steel has been ground smooth.

Burgonet: One piece skull boxed in four panels and rising to a point with an acorn finial. Integral brim, separate neck lame, two cheek plates (left associated, probably from the same original arsenal and from a similarly decorated, but slightly different helmet). Main edges with roped inward turns and recessed borders. The helmet decorated with four raised bands that continue onto the neck guard and peak. The edge of the peak, neck lame and cheek plates decorated with inward turned roped rolls. Formerly black and white. Cleaned. Black areas reblackened with paint to simulate original appearance.

Breastplate: German. Black and white with rough from the hammer surface with raised polished bands. The neck with a tapered inward turned roped roll. The arms fitted with gussets with inward turned tapered rolls. Retains fauld of 3 plates, the lowest with a central arched cut out with an inward turned, roped border. Purchased cleaned bright, then reblackened with paint to simulate the original appearance. Polished bands at the center, middle of each side and sides of the breastplate which continue on the fauld. The bands on the breastplate are very roughly formed on the outside, tooling appearing to be made by very small, narrow pien. The bands in the fauld more cleanly made, likely because raising bands on the thinner material is easier. Small interior patch at the upper corner under the left arm. Patch riveted in and the outer surface ground smooth. Old, possibly working life patch. Assembly marks of 3 punches of a squared punch on the inside of the breastplate, gussets and all three fauld lames. Holes in the fauld lames for (lost) interior leathers at the center of the white bands in the middle of each side. Probably old but associated D shaped buckles at the top of the gussets. There is a area in the upper half of the inside of the breastplate that appears to have been formerly painted with inventory marks. Minor delaminations at the edges of the breastplate, some cracking in the center fauld lame. The decoration on the roll at the center of the bottom fauld lame is very different from the roping on the gussets and top of the breastplate, but tthe matching assembly marks indicate that they are not associated.

Measurements: 13 in. wide at the waist, 15 in. wide under the arms, app. 11 in. wide at the top. Breastplate 13 1/2 in from center top to waist, 19 in. tall overall including the fauld. The breastplate varies between .070 in. and .105 thick. Fauld lames generally .050-.060.

Munions: gorget of 3 plates front and back. The main plates rough from the hammer and blackened with raised crescent decoration on each side. Neck plates polished, upper plate with a bold inward turn. Shoulders of 6 plates the second shaped to the point of the shoulder, the final plate with inward turned roped roll at the bottom. Bottom plates blackened with central raised polished band and terminal plates decorated en-suite with the main gorget plates with raised polished crescents.

German pair of black and white elbow gauntlets: Good quality black and white gauntlets with raised bands and recessed ground. Bands polished. 2 marks on each gauntlet. On one, a recognizable part of the Nurenberg guild mark. Remaining marks unclear. Cuffs of 2 plates attached by rivets. Metacarpal of four narrow and one wider plate. Knuckle plate with raised, roped ridge. Additional plate formed to the fingers between the knuckle plate and finger plates. Large thumb plate attached to the large metacarpal plate with leather. Re-leathered fingers.

Composed of item number A-256 (burgonet), item number A-264 (breastplate) item number A-252 (munions), item number A-45 (gauntlets).


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