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German Burgonet - burgonet1

German Burgonet 16th century

This burgonet has a finish that was 'rough from the hammer' - the helmet was shaped and plannished with a hammer to its final shape, but it was never ground to eliminate the hammer marks. There are signs that it was then left 'black' - the oxidation from heating the helmet during its construction was not removed - and then probably painted. It has been cleaned recently such that much of the oxidation and any original paint have been removed. The lining is attached to two strips of leather which are riveted to the bowl of the helmet above the face and at the neck (these lines of rivets can be seen in the picture). This would originally have been the type of helmet that was kept in an arsenal and issued to soldiers. Unlike the highest quality custom burgonets, the cheek plates were not originally lined. One of the cheek plates is associated. Complete with tail lame, cheek plates and lining. Linings remaining in armour are very rare.


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