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Gorget early 17th c.

German. One piece front and back with integral raised collar. The front plate with a shallow crease at the center, the rear shaped to the shoulders and neck. Plates secured by a pivot rivet on the left shoulder and a large keyhole engaging a broad headed rivet at the right. Neck and outer edge with plain inward turns bordered by round head lining rivets with round internal washers securing a lining band. Many of these washers incomplete - they appear to have been punched to close to the next washer, so they have rounded cut outs. Band around the outer edge nearly complete. More loss from the band at the neck. The ends of the rolls on the rear plate crudely flattened at the edges to allow for the overlap of the front plate. Finish appears to be an old very rough "white" finish which shows significant pitting in some areas. Various areas of delamination. The front plate is marked with round center punch like marks. Three of these define the neck line, one at each end and one in the center. There is a fourth mark that defines the center line. There is one similar dot at the bottom center of the back. This is likely a minimal example of a gorget designed for wear without a breastplate. The most aggressive form of this style is illustrated by item number A-261.


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