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Breastplate 1510-20

Globose form with a shallow central crease. Neck with angular inward turned roll. Arms with simple flared and inward-turned gussets. Waist flared to carry the fauld. Very early transition form between late 15th to early 16th c. forms and the more rounded form typical of the Maximilian style. Upper turn and gussets similar to A-216. Earlier form illustrated by A-66 and A-239. Slightly later forms illustrated by A-225 and A-216.

Measurements: Thickness: This piece is less intentionally managed than many indicating (along with the simple gussets) that it was likely a munition piece. There is a thick area that is .098 in. thick. Generally the center is .07-.08 in. thick and the edges under the arms thin down to .060 in. or a little less. Gussetss .038-.050 in. in the unfolded base. Weight: 4 pounds 8.2 ounces (2045g).


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