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Burgonet 1600

Augsburg. One piece skull with high angled comb and integral peak. Single neck lame and a pair of cheek plates. Rough from the hammer. Point of the peak with two marks, one the Augsburg pinecone, the other indistinct. The edge of the peak formed with a simple inward turned roll coming to a blunt point at the center and with a central crease. Neck plate with plain inward turn at the outer edge coming to a blunt point and with a pair of holes near the point for suspension in an arsenal. Cheek plates with a simple bump at the face, inward turned roll at the bottom and pierced with five holes over the ear. Retains lining rivets at the neck and forhead. Signs of delamination esp. in the rolls on the peak and neck lame and at the edge above the cheek plates which also shows signs of folds and cracking which has been repaired during manufacture.

Weight: 3 pounds 7.8 ounces (1585g).

Measurements. As one would expect, the thickness varies significantly. The bowl is mostly something around .055 in. (The front of the skull thicker, areas up to .078 and one area above the right cheek plate .090., thins toward the base of the brim to .035-.045, brim .029-.070 generally thinner in the middle, the lower back of the skull .020-.037, seemingly intentionally thinner), The tail plate .035-.055, the cheek plates mostly about .035 in. (varying between .028 and .044) The cheek plate does not get thinner as you approach the bottom of the flair, so the bottom of the cheek plate is not formed by a simple flair.


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