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Burgonet 1510

Small, low combed with a movable fall and cheek plates. The bowl formed in one piece with a low central, roped comb. The fall is secured to the bowl by two rivets that allow it to be raised. The tail is a separate piece riveted to the inside of a flair on the back of the skull. The outer edge is rolled and roped. Cheek pieces are secured to the skull by external hinges. This is not typical of later pieces. The cheek plates have rolled and roped borders at the face and lower edge. The lower edge of the cheek plate extends the flair of the neck plate. The flair is formed as a separate piece riveted solidly to the cheek plate. There is a decorated iron plume holder at the back of the skull. This is an example of a very early form of burgonet. It would have been used with a simple Maximilian armour, possibly with a splint armour. That is how it is displayed in this collection. Similar to A-182.


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