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Close Helmet 1580

Italian. One piece skull with high roped comb, visor with single eye slit, ventail pierced with a circle of breaths on the right, and bevor. Bevor with roped inward turned roll at the edge of the face opening. Visor, ventail and bevor pivoted on common pivots. Bevor and ventail secured by hooks on the right. Visor and ventail decorated with single incised lines. Edge of the visor lightly roped. Lining rivets at the forhead and neck edges of the bowl. Front and back with single neck lames, each with outward turned roped border and an additional parallel raised ridge. Visor with lifting peg at the right. Good internal patches in the skull, bevor and ventail. The form of the visor (relatively flat and straight and without a central piece dividing the eyeslit) and ventail (mostly flat without additional form at the pivots or corners of the eye) is similar to the form of the helmets on the French armors that survive in the Musee de L'Armee. It is likely that the rear neck lame is a replacement and the front lame may originally have been from the rear.

Weight 5 pounds 4 ounces (2665g).


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