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Arms - A-242-small

Arms 1590

Italian. Good quality Italian arm harness and pauldrons etched in the characteristic Pisan fashion. Assymetrical pauldrons the left covering more than the right. Formed of a main plate overlapping two plates above and four smaller plates below. The lower plates on sliding rivets at the back and leathers at the center and front. The top most plates secured by pivoting rivets at the front and back. The next plate is secured to the main plate by a pivoting rivet at the back and a leather at the front and in the center of the back. Left formerly fitted with a mount for a reinforce. Arms with tubular upper cannons, two piece lower cannons connected by a bracelet couter with one lame above and one below the cop. The upper incorporating a turning collar, the upper section with two smaller plates articulated at the ends. Etching in bands along borders and at the center of each element primarily consisting of cable patterns and trophies of arms. Some leathers replaced, others missing. Some later rivets used to secure plates in the pauldrons. Some loss at the back of the left pauldron and some wear in the etching in the center of the back of the left pauldron.


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