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Elbow 1510

Of simple shell form covering the outside of the elbow and gently shaped to the inside of the elbow. Rounded form over the point of the elbow. Retains later leathers to secure the elbow to the upper and lower arm plates and a strap and buckle around the elbow. Some minor losses to the rear corner. This would have formed part of a splint arm for a simple infantry armour of the early 16th century known as an Almain Rivet. This piece shows how little an albow can be shaped and still function. Even at this level of work, careful inspection shows that this was designed for use on the left arm. The material is asymmetric - longer on the top side - and the flare is more open on the top and curved on the bottom. Height 5 7/8 in. Thickness generally .038-.041 with an area that is app. 047 in. Weight 6.4 oz.(175g)


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