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Gorget 1510-20

North Italian. Described as composed by the seller who felt that the top two lames were associated. Main plates of wide, squared form for use with a shorter breastplate with a straight upper edge. The outer edge is bordered by two bumps in imitation of rolls, each bordered by single engraved lines. The neck formed of two plates front and back. The upper edge of the main plates and the first neck lame are bordered by a single engraved line. The neck lames secured to the main plates and each other in an atypical manner - with sliding rivets. The top plates with plain, angular inward turn. The upper lame is deformed, which may have led to the assumption of association. All of the plates would fit if the upper one were not deformed and there isn't any sign of re-worked attachment between the plates. Because the plates are secured with sliding rivets, the main plates can not be attached in the normal way (pivot and keyhole). In this case they are not secured at the sides at all. Another interesting detail is that the hinge is on the right and the pin on the left of the upper neck lame. Overall old blued finish with traces of gilding. Very similar in construction to gorget illustrated on plate 188 of L'Arte Dell'Armatura in Italia. This shares the slots, angular roll, hinge on the right and overall form. The illustrated gorget has an additional neck lame, etching, keyholes (but no pivots) on the main plate and is generally a nicer example. This and its related examples appear to be representative of an early stage in the development of the gorget where they hadn't quite worked out the details that would become common later. It is wider than normal, which requires a flatter shape with more room at the armhole for movement. The lack of rivet and keyhole in the main plates makes the thing somewhat unstable until it is secured to the body by the shoulder straps for the cuirass and the weight of the breast and back. Once this is all in place, it appears to function reasonably.

Measurements: Weight 2 pounds 5.4 ounces (1060g). Thickness .032-.057 in. mostly .038-.048 in.


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