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Morion 1580-90

German, Nuremberg. Rounded skull with tall, tapering comb. Comb with widely spaced fine roped decoration. Flaired brim rising to a point at the front and back. Skull 'droops' deeply at the center covering more of the head than normal. Brim with an inward very finely and widely spaced roped roll turned over wire and a recessed border. Twelve holes around the skull above the brim for lining rivets (missing). Two later wiring holes at the base of the brim. Marked with the Nuremberg guild control mark at the rear point of the brim. Shows significant signs of layering and flaws from slag inclusions in the original metal. These show on the inside and outside surface as well as at the edge of the roll.

Provenance John Woodman Higgins Armory Inv. No. 2639 from William Randolph Hearst, sold Gimbel Brothers, New York, 31st October 1941.

Exhibited Charleston Art Gallery of Sunrise, Charleston, West Virginia, January-1 May 1975.

Measurements: 11 in. (28 cm) tall.


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