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Gorget with munions 1560-90

German. Unmarked, but most likely Nuremberg. Black with polished recessed bands at the borders. Decorated with two narrow recessed grooves at the center of the front, back and down the center of each shoulder. Collar formed of 3 plates front and back. The lower plate coming to a blunt point at the front and back. Outer edge with a recesed band with raised border. The upper plate with a pronounced plain inward turned roll. Hinged at the left with an integral hinge and secured by a pair of pins at the right. Shoulders of 7 plates. The second plate shaped over the point of the shoulder. The terminal plate with an iron buckle and mount to secure the strap around the arm. The collar plates are secured by three leathers front and back, each secured to the plates by two rivets in each plate. The shoulders have a row of sliding rivets at the back and two leathers (center and front). The rear of the spaulders is secured to the gorget by a short leather strap. Recessed bands lke these are normally associated with Nuremberg. Blackened surface of modern paint, all rivets, leathers and neck pins replaced.


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