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Burgonet 1590

German. Nuremberg. Burgonet with one piece skull rising to a high comb at the center and extened to form a brim at the front. With two cheek plates and a separate tail lame. The cheek plates are extended to match the length of the tail lame with separate fixed plates. The edge of the brim, cheek plates, tail and a raised circular area in the middle of the cheek plates are polished bright against a blackened background. The edge of the brim and lower edge of the tail and cheek plates are bordered by inward-turned, rolled borders. The edge of the brim shows a delamination and crack which exposes wire in the roll. The cheek plates are pierced with 5 holes over the ears. The burgonet has a tubular plume holder decorated with diagonal lines secured to center of the back. There are remnants of lining leather at the brow and tail. The interior of the tail lame includes some signs of old painted arsenal or inventory markings in red and yellow. These appear to be 18 or 81, U8 and ZS. The inside of the skull shows signs of earlier raised or recessed bands that have been removed during the working life of the helmet. One cheek plate (the right) may be an old association. The right hinge is replaced.


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