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Breastplate 1560

Black and white with a pronounced point below the center of the chest. Neck bordered by an inward turned, tapered, roped roll. Arm holes bordered by sliding gussets with inward turned, tapered, roped rolls. Waist flared for the fauld. Breast decorated with recessed polished bands, the overall surface rough from the hammer. There is an indistinct mark at the neck. Reblackened. There are buckles which appear to have been manufactured by being pierced from sheet at the shoulders. They attach to the inside of the gussets. This would suspend the breastplate and serve to return the gussets to the outward position. One missing its tongue and detatched.

Measurements: 13 in. from the center of the neck roll to the waist, 10 1/2 in. wide at the outside of the gussets when extended, 9 3/4 in. wide with the gussets compressed, 14 5/8 in. wide under the armholes, 13 7/8 in. wide at the waist.

Weight: 4 pounds 3.2 ounces (1905 g).


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