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Italian Backplate 1560-80

Good form, designed for use without a fauld. Arm, neck and bottom edges with rolled and slightly roped borders. Arm and neck rolls formed over wire, the roll on the waist flare is smaller in diamer and shows no sign of ever having wire inside. Raised decorative bead running parallel to the arm holes and along the neck (descending at the center of the back). The decorative bead also roped. Engraved line at center - along the backbone. Rusted and cleaned.

Height (inside, neck hole to waist flare) 14 3/8 inches, width under arm holes 14 inches (narrowing to 13 1/4 at the very front edge), width at waist 11 inches, width of neck hole app. 9 1/2 inches, width at top 12 1/8 inches, the waist flare mostly app. 3/4 inch wide, narrowing at the center to 1/2 inch.

Thickness .020 in. to .050 in. Mostly .032 - .040. Thickness varies without any real pattern, possibly generally thinner at the most dished areas.


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