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German Gauntlet 1580

Probably Brunswick. For the right hand. With flared cuff drawn out to a rounded point. Seven plates over the back of hand and four plates over the fingers. The knuckle and finger plates embossed to simulate fingers. Decorated with incised lines. Iron rivets capped in brass. The back of hand plates extend to cover the base of the thumb. The metacarpal plates include a set of false rivets simulating the end of the plates on a gauntlet built with a separate thumb defense. These line up with the rivet that secures the last hand plate. The metacarpal and finger plates are joined by a knuckle plate embossed to simulate knuckles. Part of the cuff plate is missing along with the inner plate. The cuff and back of hand plates are decorated by recessed lines. Many rivets with brass caps. One lining rivet with a rosette washer remains. From the Royal House of Hanover.

Weight: 1 pound (455 g).


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