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Gauntlet 1580

For the right hand. With flared cuff drawn out to a point in the center with one large fixed inner plate and a smaller additional plate on the inside of the wrist secured to the larger plate by two sliding rivets. There are two small holes at the center. These were likely to allow the small plate to be secured to the liner so that it would extend when the hand moved. The outer edge of the cuff with an inward-turned roped border. The outer wrist covered by two plates - the second larger and with an embossed ulna. Five plates over the back of hand and six plates over the fingers. The back of hand and fingers joined by a knuckle plate. The knuckle and finger plates embossed to simulate fingers. Decorated with incised lines. Iron rivets capped in brass. There is a strap and buckle at the wrist and an additional strap securing the fingers. There are signs of an additional palm strap. Old leather remains at the finger tips, end of the cuff and at the back of the wrist. This gauntlet appears to be original and untouched since its working life apart from a recent cleaning. There are some small, old modifications. One of the rivets securing the cuff to the first wrist lame has torn out and been replaced with one that also secures the buckle for the wrist strap. The rivets securing the final two finger plates and the leather strap are also more crude than the rest of the rivets. The thumb has been lost but half of the hinge remains. This gauntlet is very similar to A271 in the Wallace collection (identified as of Brunswick origin and c. 1560)

Weight: 1 pound 10.6 ounces (750 g).


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