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Morion 1580

Made in Northern Italy. Finely formed in one piece with a hight roped comb and swept brim. The comb is broad at the base, tapering to a rounded top. The top of the crest is roped and there is an engraved line parallel to the top of the comb. The transition from the comb to bowl is accentuated with an engraved line at the crease and an additional engraved parallel line on the bowl. The edge of the brim is bordered by an inward-turned roped roll over wire and a narrow recess. It is uncommon in that it retains its original blued finish. The original finish covers a smooth finish over most of the surface with signs of file marks near the points of the skull and comb which would have been difficult to access with polishing wheels. The base of the skull with a row of iron lining rivets with decorative brass washers on the outside and small iron washers and remains of a cloth lining strap on the inside. This is a fine example of a group of morions and cabassets sold by Fenton and Sons of 11 New Oxford Street, London between the 2 world wars. Others from the same source can be found in the Royal Armouries (IV. 449), Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge (Hen. M.32, 33 and 34-1933) and Glasgow (The Real Fighting Stuff page 45). There are some small delaminations in the comb and some cracks in the brim.

Similar helmets appear in Armi e armature Museo Poldi Pezzoli (p. 39) nos. 164-175 (166 illustrated).

Measurements: 11 in. tall, 13 1/2 in. from front to back point of the brim, 7 1/8 in. wide inside the bowl and 8 7/8 in. wide at the outside of the brim.


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