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Lobster-tailed pot 1650

Deep, heavy bowl formed of 2 pieces joined at the center with a flat riveted seam. The seam is inset to that the outside is flush. There is an engraved/chiseled line on the other side of the seam to simulate a central band. The bowl is rough-from-the-hammer. Pointed, hinged fall with 3 bars covering the face. Tail of one piece simulating 3 lames. The outer border of the tail has an inward-turned roll and a parallel recessed border. Lining rivets around the front edge of the bowl and along the edge of the tail. Skull marked on one side near the bottom. This mark appears to be a crowned IR, relatively illegible. This appears to be normal - see The London Armourers of the 17th Century by Thom Richardson, page 19. Cheek plates missing. The 2 piece skull and 3 bar face are typical of English armour of the period.

Measurements: bowl 8 3/4 in. front to back, 6 3/4 in. side to side, 6 in. deep at the center, bars 6 1/2 in. from the base of the brim to the bottom of the point.

Thickness: Tail .040-.050 in., Brim mainly .040-.050 in. except at the corner and pivot area where it gets much thicker - app. .090 in. The bowl varies significantly in thickness. It is generally thinner at the bottom and thicker at the top. A sampling of measurements show .070, .150, .090. It is generally around .090-.120 but it varies significantly in a small area.


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