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Burgonet 1510

Shallow skull with a low roped ridge forming a simple crest. The bowl extends slightly to cover the forhead and farther to cover the neck. Deep fall with wide rounded brim. The outer edge of the brim with a shallow inward turn. The helmet only really covers the head because the fall extends 1 1/2 in below the front edge of the bowl. This allows a shallow bowl to cover the head reasonably. The neck is covered by a single rounded tail lame with a simple raised border on the outside edge. One hinge for the lost cheek pieces remains. Painted overall with a black finish over what appears to be a smooth surface. There is a hole in the top of the skull at the back of the crest the back of crest and the skull around it have been flattened. In its orignal form the top would have been rounded like the front. The brim of the fall is bent at the center. There is also what appears to be a mark in the center of the brim. This appears to be a D on its back. This has been found on pieces made in Nuremberg for Vienna like no. 256 from Das Wiener Burgerliche Zeughaus - 1977. This is a simple example of a very early 16th century style of burgonet. The hole and lost checkplates are later damage, but the form shows the lack of symmetry that is common to many pieces of armour. Similar to A-270.

Measurements: fromt to back of the bowl 7 5/8 in., side to side 6 7/8 in. Fall 2 1/4 in. tall (tapering to 2 on the left side) and brim 1 5/8 in overall (tapering to 1 3/8 on the left) tail lame 1 5/8 on the left and 1 3/8 in. on the right where it sits off the skull - the overall length from the skull is 1 5/8 on both sides.

Thickness: brim mostly .042-.048 in. Skull mostly app. 050 in. but there are some spots thinning to .030 and up to .070 in. Tail .058-.062 in.


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