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Breastplate 1580-90

Formed in one piece with one fauld lame. The neck and arm holes are bordered by simple inward-turned rolls. There is a prominent central crease terminating in a point at the waist forming a full, typical peascod shape. The surface is decorated with three pairs of engraved lines on each side. There are (later) hasps on the side to secure the breastplate to a backplate. There is a single (probably later) fauld lame which has rolls at the end and forming a small arched cut out at the center. The interior retains some old red paint and most likely a painted collection mark 'H'.

Height 20 in. overall, 16 12 in. from the center of the neck hole to the bottom of the peascod. Width 15 in. at the bottom of the arm holes, 12 3/4 in. at the waist.


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