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Two Elbow cops - A-178-b Two Elbow cops - A-178-b-end Two Elbow cops - A-178-b-inside Two Elbow cops - A-178-b-wing Two Elbow cops - A-178

Two Elbow cops 1560-90

Nearly a pair. Open at the inside with inward turned roped rolls along the edges. The roping changes direction at the wide point of the wing. The cop rises to a blunt crease at the center. There is a line of rivets around the edges of the cops which would have secured a leather strip. There are also rivets in the center of the wing and back edge and a larger central hole. These cops would have have been secured to the vambrace by a leather strip secured to a pin through the hole in the middle of the front of the cop and a strap around the elbow. One of these elbows appears to show signs of the original finish. These pieces were heavily coated in oil and have gone through relatively few owners. There appear to be areas of surface finish which have not been heavily oxidized or recleaned repeatedly. This can be seen on the lower half of the cop. The surface appears to have been polished over signs of grinding. Ex. Royal House of Hanover.


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