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Half Harness 1600

Composed. Consisting of a breastplate with central crease ending in a small peascod point at the waist. Neck and arms with turned edges rolled in. Single fauld lame at the waist. Gorget of 2 main plates with 2 neck lames front and back. The top edge of the top plate with a turned edge rolled in. The top plates are hinged at the left and secured by a pin on the right. The gorget includes integral shoulder protection of 5 lames on each arm. These are secured by sliding leathers at the back and leathers in the center and front. The picture of the inside of the gorget shows te position of the arm collapsed backward on the right and flexed forward on the left. This shows how the sliding rivets in the back allow the arm to lengthen and the leathers collapse to allow forward movement. The gorget and munions have been releathered with buff leather. Burgonet (A-71) with a skull formed of one piece, brim formed of a separate piece secured inside the skull, 2 cheek plates secured by hinges. Now displayed with A-234 a burgonet formed with a two piece skull and separate brim, separate neck lame and cheekplates. All edges with plain inward turned rolls. The elements of this armour are also illustrated separately. Elements are: item number A-134 (breastplate), item number A-71 (burgonet formerly displayed on this harness with one piece skull and missing the tail lame) item number A-234 (burgonet), item number A-159 (gorget), and item number A-76 (munions)


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