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Breastplate 1550-60

With a central crease drawn out to a rounded central point. There is a small rectangular hole near the center of the neck. This appears to be for securing the peg that would be used to secure the buff. The edges of the breastplate at the arm holes and sides are heavily beveled. Tapering inward-turned rolls at the neck and arms. Arms with sliding gussets. Gussets and upper roll with fine roping. Waist with a single lame fauld with turning pins at the sides for securing a removeable fauld. The single fauld lame has a roped roll a the bottom edge. The central hole at the neck and decorative style indicate that this is likely of Brunswick origin.

Height 13 3/4 inches from the center of the waist to the center of the top roll. Width 14 inches under the arms and 12 3/4 at the waist. 10 3/4 inches wide at the top with the gussets out, 10 1/8 inches when they are pushed in fully.

Thickness varies significantly, but there doesn't seem to be an intentional pattern to the thickness changes. Generally around .180-.190 in (4.57 mm - 4.83 mm). Some thick areas .220 inch, thin areas .150 inch. Gusset ranges from .055-.075 inch. Fauld lame .030-.040 inch. . Weight 10 pounds 9 ounces (4800g).


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