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Gorget 1515-1520

Italian. 'Alla Tedesca'. Formed of 2 large main plates, one front and back. Neck formed of 3 lames front and back the uppermost with large, heavily roped roll. The other 2 with closely-set flutes. Main plates with embossed ridge at the outer edge, recessed border, closely set flutes, a wide area with engraved decoration and a narrow embossed, roped ridge at the neck. Front and back secured by integral hinge on the left and pin on the right. Small patches. Leathers replaced. Leathers on one side have collapsed causing the neck to bend over sideways in the images. With good leathers it would sit taller and straight. Previously sold at Sotheby's New York European Works of Art, Arms and Armour, Tapestries and Furniture June 1, 1991 Lot 480. Arms A-128 part of the same lot. 11 in wide at the front and 13 5/8 in. wide at the back.Top roll 6 in. wide and 6 1/4 in front to back. Thickness .030-.052 in. Weight 2 pounds 12 ounces (1245 g).


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