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Skull cap 1500

One piece bowl cut out over the ears. Pierced with 2 small holes above each ear and one at the front and back. Painted with 57 inside. Brass tag stamped 650 attached to one side. From the George F. Harding Collection, previously ex collection Archduke Eugen - Fortress Hohenwerfen. Apparently lot 833 from the 1927 catalogue (page 144).

8 1/4in. long, 7in. wide, 4in. deep.

Thickness varies. Generally the thickest area is around the edge where there are some spots which reach .11in, on average closer to .095in. One inch in from the edge is is app. .090in (varying between .085 and .1). Two inches in it is app. .075 in, varying up to .085. Three inches in the thickness is generally .060-065in. Assuming the progression of thickness is indicative of the manufacture, it seems that the arches over the ears were likely cut from the completed form since thethickness is consistent with simlar distances from the main edge, not from the edge of the arch.


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