Italian Gorget - A-114c-front Italian Gorget - A-114c-right-angle Italian Gorget - A-114c-right-back-angle Italian Gorget - A-114c-back-stand Italian Gorget - A-114c-left-back-angle Italian Gorget - A-114c-left-front-angle Italian Gorget - A-114c Italian Gorget - A-114c-side Italian Gorget - A-114c-back

Italian Gorget 1580

Gorget of two main plates with single neck-lames at the front and rear. The outer edges of the main plates are bordered by a half roll and recessed border, the half roll roped. The neck edge of the main plates with matching roped half-rolls. The neck plates with roped full rolls. The neck plates are secured by an internal hinge at the left and a pin in the rear plate engaging a hole in the front plate on the right. The main plates are secured by a turning hook on the right which engages in a keyhole slot. Very similar to that on Corselet II.47 in the Royal Armouries (illustrated on plate LIX in European Armour in the Tower of London). Displayed as part of item number A-114.

Measurements: Top of collar 6 in. wide and 6 3/16 in front to back. 11 1/4 in. wide at the widest part of the back. Thickess of the main plate generally .030-.040, the collar plate .020-.030. Weight 1 pound 9.6 ounces (725g).


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