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Italian Close Helmet - A-114a-helmet-side Italian Close Helmet - A-114a-helmet-side-visor-open Italian Close Helmet - A-114a-helmet-front-visor-open Italian Close Helmet - A-114a-helmet-side-visor-ventail-open Italian Close Helmet - A-114a-helmet-front-visor-ventail-open Italian Close Helmet - A-114a-helmet-back Italian Close Helmet - A-114a-helmet-other-side Italian Close Helmet - A-114a-front Italian Close Helmet - A-114a-angle Italian Close Helmet - A-114a-angleTwo Italian Close Helmet - A-114a-backAngle Italian Close Helmet - A-114a-visorUp Italian Close Helmet - A-114a-visorVentailUp Italian Close Helmet - A-114a-visorVentailBevorUp Italian Close Helmet - A-114a-FrontVisorVentailBevorUp Italian Close Helmet - A-114a-FrontInsideVentail Italian Close Helmet - A-114a-FrontTopVisor Italian Close Helmet - A-114a-InsideRight Italian Close Helmet - A-114a-InsideLeft

Italian Close Helmet 1580

One-piece skull, visor, upper and lower bevor and 3 neck lames front and back. The skull rising to a tall roped comb (small holes near the top of the comb and one small brazed repair) swept slightly back, bordered by incised lines, with circular holes over the each ear in the form of a circle of 8 holes with a central hole. With a shaped plume-holder incised with chevrons at the base by one rivet on each side. Pointed visor with horizontal vision sight divided centrally, pointed lifting-peg fitting into the upper bevor. The upper bevor fits the visor exactly, the upper edge curved in at the back of the eyeslot. Pierced with circular breaths in the form of a circle of 8 holes with a central hole (matching the holes in the skull, but forming a larger circle). on the right and pivoted at the same points as the chin-piece. Chin-piece and upper bevor secured by hooks which engage in to flattened pegs pierced with a hole. Face hole of the chin-piece bordered by a roped inward-turned roll. Face edge of the skull plain with single engraved line. Lining rivets around the face hole flush on the outside. Three neck-plates at front and rear (lower two rear plates replaced), the bottom ones each with turned and roped border and an additional roped ridge parallel to the border. Similar to the helmet on B-13 from Mantova. Displayed as part of item number A-114.

Weight: 6 pounds 11.2 ounces (3,045 g).

Thickness: Ventail .040-.070 mostly .045-.055. Variable from one spot to the next. Skull mostly .035-.045 in the back and sides, thicker in front. Still quite variable but larger areas .050-.070. Bevor mostly .045-.060 with a few spots on the left side up to .09. In general relatively thin and quite variable.


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