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Breastplate Late 16th cent

Breastplate. Italian. Of peascod form with bold roped turn at the neck above a pair of volutes, medial ridge drawn up to a rounded point a the base and with short flanged skirt. Arms roughly incised in imitation of ropework. Roping on the upper roll appears to be filed. Starts with a central vertical line. Angled lines slant toward the center at the bottom on both sides. Pierced with two holes for a lance-rest on the right.

Height 15 3/8 in. to the center of the neck hole and 17 3/8 in. to a line between the top points. 10 1/2 in. wide at the waist and 13 3/8 at the corners under the arm hole. 9 in. wide at the top points. Neck roll is 5/16 in. wide and 1/2 in. high at the center, tapering to 1/4 in wide and 1/8 in. tall at the ends.

Thickness is affected by heavy tool marks on the inside. Many of these marks are .020 in depth, some up to .050. Material is .135-.175 in. thick at the lance rest holes. At the edge varies between .040 at the upper corner and .070 in the center, back to .050 at the waist. There is a very narrow thin band at the edge, increases to .090 in. app. one inch in from the edge. Center of breast varies between .150 and .170 in. There is a thinner area at the center crease that is app. 3/8 in. wide. Near the neck hole varies .110-.130. Some very small areas near the point of the peascod thin down to .085, but generally it is still .110-.140 in.


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