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German  Breastplate - A-107 German  Breastplate - A-107-a German  Breastplate - A-107-right-slight-angle-a German  Breastplate - A-107-right-angle-a German  Breastplate - A-107-left-slight-angle-a German  Breastplate - A-107-left-angle-a German  Breastplate - A-107-left-side-a

German Breastplate 1550-60

Breastplate. Black and white. Sliding gussets at the arm holes and 2 fauld lames. Drawn out to a blunted point somewhat below center. Rolls at the neck and arm holes tapering from the center and roped. Background rough from the hammer and painted black. Bands raised and polished. Central band tapering toward the waist on both the breast and fauld lames. One raised band on each side. Top of breastplate with wide scalloped raised area. Lower fauld lame with central arch cut out and rolled and roped edge. All parts originally part of the same piece. Buckles at the shoulder end of the arm gussets. Painted number 3946 in large numbers on the inside of the breast. A nice, basic, munition black and white breastplate from the mid 16th century.


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