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Italian Half Suit - A-102-big Italian Half Suit - A-102-big-back Italian Half Suit - A-102-big-side Italian Half Suit - A-102-big-helmet Italian Half Suit - A-102-big-body

Italian Half Suit 1610

Etched in the 'Pisan' fashion. Comprising a cabasset, gorget, breast, back, tassets, pauldrons, arms and gauntlets. Etched overall with wide bands of decoration composed of a central region with figures, trophies and foliage bordered by 3 bands on each side, the central one roped. Pairs of medallions at the center of the neck on the breastplate, the bottom edge of the tassets and on the pauldrons. Decoration not an exact match on the pieces, but of very similar form. Cabasset of good form. Narrow brim with rolled and recessed border. Most original brass capped steel rivets with decorative washers. Some cloth lining band remaining between a few rivets. Point with a nice stalk, bent over to the back. Etched with 6 bands of trophies. Each side decorated with a central panel containing an armoured figure in antique style flanked by angels. Collar of 3 pieces front and back, the main plates with a rolled lower edge Neck plates associated. Pauldrons of 7 lames, 2 above and 4 below the large main plate (similar form and etching, but the right pauldron somewhat larger). Arms formed of a tubular upper cannon with rotating collar, lower cannon of inner and outer plates attached by pairs of hinges at the back and a pin on the inner plate engaging a hole in the outer plate, elbows of bracelet form with rolled edges on the wing attached to the uper and lower cannons by one articulating lame. Simple peascod breastplate with rolls at the neck, arms and between the tassets, the bottom edge of the breast flared to accept the tassets, etching at the arm holes simulating gussets. Gauntlets with bluntly pointed cuffs, the back of the hands covered by 5 lames, the last formed to the knuckles. Backplate with rolled borders at the neck, arms and bottom edge. Overall decorated with recessed bands and etching. The tassets formed of one piece with simulated lames. The surface overall rusted and cleaned. Much etching remains. Leathers and most rivets replaced. The tassets incorrectly cut apart and re-assembled. The 5 hand lames of the left gauntlet and the top plate of the left tasset replaced. The low, shallow form of the breastplate and the rounded form of the pauldrons indicate a very early 17th c. date for these pieces. The cabasset and one piece tassets would be typical of this later date as well. Includes item number A-102-a, item number A-102-b, item number A-102-c, item number A-102-d, item number A-102-e, item number A-102-f, item number A-102-g, item number A-102-h.


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