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Pauldron and arm - A-102-e-right-arm-front Pauldron and arm - A-102-e-right-arm-back Pauldron and arm - A-102-e-right-arm-angle Pauldron and arm - A-102-e-right-arm-close-front Pauldron and arm - A-102-e-right-pauldron-back Pauldron and arm - A-102-e-right-arm-side Pauldron and arm - A-102-e-right-arm-inside-front Pauldron and arm - A-102-e-right-arm-inside-back Pauldron and arm - A-102-e-right-arm-bent Pauldron and arm - A-102-e-right-pauldron-top-front Pauldron and arm - A-102-e-right-pauldron-top-back Pauldron and arm - A-102-e-right-pauldron-inside-front

Pauldron and arm 1610

Etched in the 'Pisan' fashion. Separate pauldron and arm. For the right arm. Pauldron of 7 lames, 2 above and 4 below the large main plate (similar form and etching, but the right pauldron somewhat larger) The uper plates of the right pauldron are currently secured to the main plate by a rivet at the front and the back. Holes on the plates indicate that the second plate was originally secured to the main plate with a rivet at the back and leathers at the front and center. Outer edge of the main plates with inward turned and roped border. Bottom edge of the bottom lame turned n the same manner. Rectangular hole in the center of the bottom plate to engage a turning pin in the arm harness. Strap and buckle on the inside of the bottom lame to secure it to the pauldron. Arms formed of a tubular upper cannon with rotating collar, lower cannon of inner and outer plates attached by pairs of hinges at the back and a pin on the inner plate engaging a hole in the outer plate at the front, elbows of bracelet form joined at the back with rolled edges on the wing attached to the uper and lower cannons by one articulating lame.


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