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German Gauntlets 1510

Gauntlets of steel. Very early 'Maximilian' form. Narrow cuff of close-fitting form. Inner plate opens on a hinge and spring-pin. Recessed border and simple spray of flutes. Metacarpal of 3 narrow lames and one larger lame near the knuckles. Knuckle plate formed with a rounded ridge over each knuckle. Base of the fingers covered by 2 mitten plates. The large metacarpal and final finger plates are fluted in a 'V' to fit to the knuckle plate. The base of the thumb covered by a plate hinged to the main metacarpal plate. Remainder of the thumb covered by a series of overlapping plates rivetted to a leather base. The form of the finger covering is a simple form that would have been used in lower quality or infantry armours. The main form of the gauntlets is similar to the pair of gauntlets on a harness in the Waffensammlung of the Kunsthistorisches museum in Vienna - illustrated on plate 104 (harness described on page 228-9). Cleaned. Small thumb plates, rivets and most leathers restored.


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