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Welcome to European Armour. This site is dedicated to publishing information related to European armour and other related items. The information focuses on a collection of armour formed during the late 20th and early 21st centuries focusing on 16th c. armour. As these things go, many related items were added along the way. These include some earlier and later pieces of armour, weapons, spurs, knives and other metal work. The collection was formed as a way to study the form, development and construction of European armour. It includes a small number of reproductions but these are kept separate and specifically identified. We made many of these as part of our study of European armour, others were added as examples of work by fine modern armourers. Each piece is illustrated with high resolution images, described and many include weights and measurements.

Items from the collection have been used in displays and demonstrations for organizations, schools and universities.

The collection includes many examples of different pieces in different styles allowing for a comparative study of styles from different years and countries of origin. Where possible we have also included images from different angles to properly illustrate the form of the pieces and internal and other images that help to understand how the pieces are engineered to work.

Items in the Collection

Special displays and exhibitions

close helmet Breastplates burgonets cabassets
Morions gorgets gauntlets Suits of armour
Spurs knives polearms daggers
trinkets small weapon parts polearms

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